10 Unique and Creative DIY Fence Design Ideas

Are You thinking of building a fence but you aren’t quite sure what design to choose? It’s time to wake up your creativity. If You want to create something a little more than a plain wooden fence, You can try using old items around the house such as old doors, bottles or even shoes! You can also paint the old fence and create a rainbow of colors. Just be creative. Here are some ideas to get you started.

10 Unique and Creative DIY Fence Design Ideas

1. Fence Made Of Old Doors

Fence Made Of Old Doors

This fence made of doors have so much unique character and personality! (Photo via The Doodle House)

2. Colorful Fence Made Out Of Old Skis

Colorful Fence Made Out Of Old Skis

Use the old skis as a very creative fence! It’s a great idea to recycle old items that you no longer used into something usable. (Photo via Flickr)

3. Unique Surfboard Fence

Unique Surfboard Fence

Now that’s interesting! I would love to have that fence in my backyard.. But where to get so much surfboards? (Photo via The Jacobs Clan)

4. Fence Out Of Old Shutters

fence out of old shutters

Repurposed shutter fence painted French blue. Looks wonderful. (Photo via Cottage In The Oaks)

5. Fence Made From Playing Cards

Fence made from Playing Cards

Perfect fence for poker fans, where each element is decorated like an ace. (Source not found)

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