10 Stunning DIY Ideas How To Reuse Old Wine Barrels

If you have some old wine barrels standing somewhere in your house and they are not longer needed, there are lots of great ways to recycle them. In fact, they’re perfect materials for many cool DIY projects. With a little creativity, you can make a number of practical furniture items and decorative pieces to improve your home and garden. For example, wine barrels can be converted to dog beds, planters, tables, chairs, sinks and so on. In this article we have collected 10 stunning DIY ideas to reuse your old wine barrels, you just need to have some free time and open mind to create these wonderful things.

10 Stunning DIY Ideas How To Reuse Old Wine Barrels

1. Recycled Wine Barrel Planter

Recycled Wine Barrel Planter

This is such a beautiful way to showcase your flowers! Tutorial: Centsational Girl

2. Wine Barrel Dog Bed

Wine Barrel Dog Bed

Your dog deserves a comfortable bed. This bed from barrel looks much more creative and your dog is simply going to love it. Via The Owner Builder Network

3. Table Made From a Wine Barrel

Table Made From a Wine Barrel

What a fun table – love that you can display things under the glass top! More details: Bohemian Junktion

4. Wine Barrel Sink

Wine Barrel Sink

Create a gorgeous outdoor or indoor bar sink from the discarded wine barrel. Get full instructions at Raymondo

5. Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage

Use wine barrel as a fun bathroom storage solution to hold towels, toilet tissue and products. Via DIY Network

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  1. I have been making the mistake of throwing out old wine barrels in the past. In the future I would absolutely love to make benches out of old wine barrels. They look absolutely stunning and are a great way of communicating my love of wine.

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