10 Great Ideas To Give Your Garden A Touch Of Whimsy

Our gardens should be more than just a cultivated area with plants in it. Instead of being a backdrop that may seem tedious to some, put a little fun in your garden by adding whimsical decorations that will give your visitors something to remember and talk about. In today’s post we present you 10 adorable ideas that will make your garden even more beautiful.

10 Great Ideas To Give Your Garden A Touch Of Whimsy

1. Silverware Flowers

Silverware Flowers

Create an attractive silverware flowers to put in your flower bed or garden. (From: Ljcfyi)

2. Rusty Owl

Rusty Owl

Made from old rake, shovel and horseshoe. Simply an amazing piece of art. (From: Kimbirdz)

3. Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias

Make giant flowers out of bicycle wheels! (From: The Hanky Dress Lady)

4. Dragonflies Made From Spoons

dragonflies made from spoons

These simple yet adorable dragonflies made out of old spoons will be a hit in your household. (From: Fine Gardening)

5. Dish Flowers

dish flowers

Glass garden flowers made out of recycled glass dishes and plates. (Tutorial: Flea Market Gardening)

6. Plant Succulents In A Cage

Plant Succulents In A Cage

Take a decorative hinged bird cage, add your lovely succulents and then hang them in your garden. (From Rainy Side)

7. Garden Rock Caterpillar

garden rock caterpillar

These cute garden critter ornaments are fun to create and would look so lovely in a garden bed. (Tutorial: Nellie Bellie)

8. Tin Can Man

Tin Can Man

Gather some tin cans (the rustier the better) and make a tin can man decoration. (Tutorial: Worth The Whisk)

9. Old Shoe as Bird House

Old Shoe as Bird House

Little birds will love this bird house made from an old cowboy boot! (Tutorial: Countrygirl Soul)

10. Flower Pot Man

Flower Pot Man

Clay pots are not just for plants. You can use them to create this creative flower pot man. (Tutorial: Beautiful Pic)

6 thoughts on “10 Great Ideas To Give Your Garden A Touch Of Whimsy

  1. I’m just amazed that people can think of such fantastic things to make with things we take for granted I’m going to try a few of these

  2. I’ve been looking for ideas to use all the old silverware I’ve inherited, I think I’ve just found them! I can share with all the family members so they too can enjoy and have a piece of history!

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