10 Gorgeous DIY Rain Chain Ideas To Enliven Your Garden

Have you ever heard of rain chains? Well, rain chains are a fun and functional alternative to the boring metal or plastic downspouts. They have two important functions; the first is for controlling the transport of rainwater from your gutter to the ground or to the container, and second can be serve as for decoration purposes. There are many designs available and they can be crafted from various materials. Here are 10 DIY rain chain ideas that are totally beautiful and simple to make.

10 Gorgeous DIY Rain Chain Ideas To Enliven Your Garden

1. Bucket Rain Chain

Bucket Rain Chain

Make a rain chain out of little galvanized buckets – you can get them from a craft store. It can be done in about an hour and costs around 30 bucks. (Tutorial via Curbly)

2. Key Rain Chain

Key Rain Chain

If you have a lot of old keys connect them together by using wire to form a rain chain. (Photo via Timber Press)

3. Chain of Small Plant Pots

chain of small plant pots

Add unique beauty to your home’s exterior, by creating this adorable rain chain from mini terra cotta pots. (Tutorial via Design Sponge)

4. Copper Rain Chain

Copper Rain Chain

Use a few copper rings to make this effective rain chain. It is the perfect example of simplicity. (Tutorial via Instructables)

5. Rain Chain From Spoons

Rain Chain From Spoons

You can also recycle a few old spoons to add a vintage feel to your garden. (Tutorial via Birds & Blooms)

6. Rain Chain from Wire-Wrapped Rock

Rain Chain from Wire-Wrapped Rock

The total cost of this cool wire and stone rain chain is just eight dollars. Give it a try! (Tutorial via Dollar Store Crafts)

7. Funnel Rain Chain

Rain Chain from Funnels

Another amazing rain chain that is made of repurposed funnels. (Tutorial via Mother Earth News)

8. Yogurt Cup Rain Chain

Yogurt Cup Rain Chain

This project is a great way to upcycle the plastic cups. (Tutorial via A Childhood List)

9. Cookie Cutter Rain Chain

Cookie Cutter Rain Chain

If you have got a stash of metal cookie cutters, consider making from them this cute rain chain. (Tutorial via New House New Home)

10. Recycled Bottle Rain Chain

Recycled Bottle Rain Chain

You can also use bottles to make a beautiful rain chain. (Image via Absolute Bodo)

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  1. There are so many really nice ideas for rain chains. I actually would like to have some rain chains just for looks. I think they look really nice and they make sure that the water doesn’t just collect in one spot. I think I would do old key rain chains. That would sound really cool in the rain.

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